General info

Full name: Roberto Cimador
Birth date: 02.07.1975
Current address: Stanzietta 20/B
                         Novigrad/Cittanova 52466
Contact: over the contact page, or

Professional Skills

3D modeling and texturing (unwarping,normal maping,
     ambient occlusion, displacement maping)
3D realtime scene creation (level editing)
3D realtime visualisations and presentations


-video games: Provox Studios;"Space Force:Rogue Universe",
                    2D artist.
                    Razbor Studios, texture and
                    beckground artist.
                    Bright Light Productions;"Helix Core",
                    texture and level design.
                    IMU;"Prince of Thunder",
                    texture and level design.
-3D realtime visualisations: Museum Lapidarium, Novigrad/Cittanova Croatia
-architectural 3D realtime visualisation
-web and graphic design


3D: Softimage XSI,Newtek Lightwave,QRadiant, UnrealED, Blender
3D engines: GameCORE,C4,
2D: Adobe Photoshop,Adobe InDesign,GIMP,Ultimate-FX,

web: Adobe Dreamweaver,Nvu,Joomla/Mambo,C5...